Renew for Freedom

Both federal and state laws are constantly changing. Because we live in a democracy, every few years, the American people have the power to vote on a number of different policies and regulations in order to invoke change in the judicial system. However, if you don’t pay close attention to politics, it can be hard to know when laws, policies, or processes change over time.

We’ve created this comprehensive platform so that citizens can receive all of the necessary information about renewed and reformed laws. Whether you’re looking to file a lawsuit of your own or you simply want to be more informed before the next election, we’ll ensure everything is made clear. We believe that understanding the law is the only way to truly be free in this country.

How Policy Renewal and Reform Works

Every four years, we re-elect a president, and this president brings new ideas for policies and laws. Many U.S. citizens think that the presidential election is the only election that matters in the country, but this is the farthest thing from the truth. With the Checks and Balances system in place, the President can’t make any decisions without support from the Senate and the House.

We elect members to the Senate and the House of Representatives every two years, and these elections are equally as important as the Presidential election, because these are the members of Congress who can significantly change policies and laws. If more people vote in these elections, we will see more change nationwide.

State elections are also important in renewing and reforming laws, because the same judicial process happens, but on a smaller scale. Civil laws are different in each state, and they can be changed more easily, because the population voting on them is reduced. If you have a strong opinion on a certain issue in your home state, speak up. You have the ability to make a difference.

Knowledge is Freedom

Miles Davis was a Jazz musician who once said, “Knowledge is freedom. Ignorance is slavery.” The same applies with the law. The purpose of “Renew for Freedom” is to educate the public on any and all changes or renewals in the legal system so that we can keep ourselves aware.

We hope this site will guide you in whatever your legal endeavors may be; we hope it’ll bring you more knowledge and, as a result, more freedom.

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