Alabama Road Construction Can Cause Accidents

If you live in Alabama, you are probably familiar with the chaotic transportation situation in most parts of the crowded southeastern part of the state. Alabama has a relatively high population, and it requires improvement in its road network to match the growing population. This is one reason for the large number of current road construction projects in the state. The unfortunate correlation is that Alabama road construction can cause auto accidents. Below are some things you should know about the road system and road accident laws in the state of Alabama.

Expansion of Existing Roads

There are always ongoing road construction projects in Alabama to expand existing roads in the major cities of Birmingham and Montgomery. In some cases, flyovers and overhead bridges are constructed to ease traffic congestion. In other cases, new roads are constructed to open-up new thoroughfares to other areas in the state.

These projects cost billions of dollars, but they are necessary to ensure that commercial and industrial activities run smoothly in the state. Sometimes, road construction in this state leads to accidents and if this happens to you, you will need to enlist a smart Alabama car accident attorney.

Construction of Bridges

The Alabama River passes through many parts of this state, meaning there is a need to construct and maintain bridges in different parts of the state. The Edmund Pettus Bridge in the Selma area is one of the most important bridges in the state. This bridge has been around for a long time and it is no longer in first class shape. However, recent repairs and maintenance have helped to make the bridge safe and usable for residents of the state.

The Connection Between Construction and Accidents

The objectives of road construction and road maintenance is to make the roads safer for users. Road construction and repairs are vital because Alabama is congested and attracts millions of tourists. The problem here is that it is not always possible to close all roads when construction or road maintenance is ongoing, inconveniencing road users for a time.

In some cases, the repairs and construction work lead to accidents. These things happen, even though the agencies responsible take safety precautions to protect road users. Below are some steps you should take if you are involved in a car accident in Alabama.  

Report the Case

You cannot just walk away from the scene of a road accident in Alabama. If you do this, you might be breaking the law. The right move is to report the accident to the police and get information on other steps you should take.

Consult A Competent Road Accident Lawyer

If you are involved in an accident in Alabama, the smart move is to consult an experienced and competent car accident lawyer immediately. This is because road accident laws in this state are complicated. You cannot navigate all the twists and turns of the law without the assistance of a specialist in road accident law.

Start Litigation Early

If a road construction company or a government agency is responsible for an accident, you should not be intimidated. The right move is to sue the company or the agency so that you get justice. Discuss the matter with your lawyer and start litigation early because this improves your chances of success.

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