Can I Sue for a Car Accident in a Parking Lot?

When you hop in your car, chances are good that you’re being watchful, in case of an accident. You don’t want to deal with the aftermath of a crash, but you should be fine, once you’re in the parking lot, right? Unfortunately, your fellow drivers might not be so courteous, even in the parking lot.

That means you’re at risk of being hit by a dangerous driver, leaving you injured and suffering because of the other driver. So, can you sue them?

Suing someone for a parking lot accident can be tough, so you’ll need help on your side. Make sure you speak to your attorney can get the help you need to recover compensation for your accident.

Common Parking Lot Accidents

When you’re in a parking lot, it’s not uncommon to see minor accidents happening. As the parking lot is a crowded place, it can be tough to keep track of everyone looking for a spot or walking to their cars. As such, parking lot accidents can happen at any time.

In a parking lot accident, however, someone did hit your car and cause you damage or even physical harm. This is a serious incident, and you should be able to fight for the compensation you deserve.

If another driver did any of the following, you may be entitled to compensation after your lawsuit:

  • Backing out of a space and striking another person or vehicle
  • Clipping a parked car
  • Striking another vehicle with a door
  • Speeding
  • Failing to stop at a stop or yield sign

When Can I Sue?

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to seek compensation for your accident. Often, fault isn’t clear, and you’ll need to provide plenty of evidence to prove that the other driver was at fault. Often, though, the nature of the accident can help with that.

For example, let’s say another driver was pulling out of their space, and they hit your car. In most cases, other drivers have the right-of-way. If you were parked, that’s more proof that they were at fault for the accident.

If both vehicles were moving, it can be a little more difficult to find who’s at fault. Fortunately, your lawyer can help you find evidence. Many parking lots now have security cameras, for example, or there may have been eyewitnesses to the accident. Either of these can help you fight back against accusations of fault.

Proving fault isn’t always easy, but it can help you recover from your accident. You’ll need proof to protect your claim and get your compensation.

Fighting for Parking Lot Accident Compensation

Unfortunately, a parking lot accident can leave you reeling for some time after the accident. Your car is damaged, and you don’t want to pay for the damage you didn’t cause. So, you’ll need to file against the other person, but how?

With a Boca Raton auto accident attorney, you can get the compensation you’ll need to recover completely. It’s not always easy to recover, especially if you’re struggling to find evidence that they were the ones at fault. Fortunately, your attorney can help.

If you’re struggling to deal with a car accident in a parking lot, keep in mind that you do have options for recovery. Get the help you need suing the other driver, so you can recover the full compensation you deserve.

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