Florida is Fighting to Enforce Distracted Driving Laws

There’s a new bill currently going through the Florida legislature that is fighting for stricter enforcement on distracted driving laws throughout the state. While a bill recently went through the system that focused specifically on texting and driving, this bill (HB 107) focuses more broadly on distracted driving and everything it encompasses.

The former texting and driving bill failed because the Senate believed it would lead to too many drivers being pulled over for unfair causes. It could also potentially breach the privacy of drivers because officers may want proof of texting by looking at the driver’s phone to establish they had broken a law. 

HB 107, however, is much stricter and would remove the concerns of the Senate by essentially making the use of phones illegal while driving altogether. It would ban any phone usage that is not hands-free, meaning officers would have the right to pull over anyone they saw touching their phone. The strict policy of the new bill would make a safer and simpler approach for everyone. 

The Damaging Effects of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the top causes of car accidents, particularly in Florida where traffic is so congested. Distracted driving can include a number of different things, but for the most part, the cause is phone use while driving. When drivers use their phone behind the wheel, they can severely injure themselves and others on the road. Often times, these accidents can result in death as well. 

Stricter distracted driving laws may be the only way to get drivers to stop using their phones. Even then, there will still be those who continue to disobey the rules of the road. Injuries that can result because of this negligence include broken bones, spinal damage, and traumatic brain injuries. Because of one text that couldn’t be ignored, someone’s life can be altered forever. 

Taking Legal Action

While we hope HB 107 will get passed soon and the effects of the bill will be positive, those who get personally injured in car wrecks still need to be protected when accidents from distracted driving do occur. 

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, holding the negligent party accountable for their actions can make an example for others out there. You also deserve compensation for your suffering. If you live in one of the big metropolitan areas in Florida such as Tampa Bay, seeking out a Tampa injury attorney will ensure you’re supported throughout the legal process. 

We’ll be keeping an eye on the progress of HB 107, and we hope you’ll be keeping an eye on the road!

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