New Laws on Opioids and Alternative Treatments for Pain

Opioid addiction has become a common problem throughout the country. While opioid laws vary by state, many states have noticed an increase in addiction issues related to opioid use and have increased restrictions on prescribing opioids for chronic pain. Most states limit the use of opioids for acute pain to seven days, although states such as Florida, Kentucky, and Minnesota limit it even further, to just three days.

Doctors in some states must do more work to prescribe opioids to patients, such as taking special classes to understand the severity of opioid addiction. The new and more restrictive laws are beneficial because states like Massachusetts are seeing a decrease in death rates related to opioid use.

Alternative Treatments

The problem with limiting opioid use is that there needs to be other treatments for those who suffer from chronic pain. While opioid use is still available for post-surgical patients who only need pain medicine for a short period, ma