Post-Divorce Checklist

The divorce procedures are not always complete after you’re officially divorced. There are quite a few things that still need your attention before you can take that glass of wine and celebrate. Even though a settlement has been made, a judge must sign off and declare your divorce official. Based on your location, this process could take several weeks to several months. There is no definite time period since things involving the court usually take longer than you might expect.

Post-Divorce Checklist

The first things you should do post-divorce is to make sure you receive and relinquish all things you initially agreed to in the divorce and update all your accounts to make sure they reflect your current status. Below are some more things you should consider doing to get your life organized post-divorce.

Study Your Settlement

Read and note down everything related to your divorce settlement and learn things your ex-spouse and you must complete. This stage could entail transferring assets or money, completing a QDRO, and/or creating custody schedules.

Make a Calendar

Divorce settlements usually have multiple dates. Some dates could happen every year over the next decade, while others could be wrapped up within a week or two. It can be challenging to stay on top of all the different dates, therefore, is wise to create a calendar and stay organized.

Setting Up Your Fresh Start

Quite a few people find it hard to lead a new life after divorce, as they do not seriously ponder over the several elements that are required to start afresh again. Many of those things are tedious to begin with, but they are important, and you just cannot overlook them.

Check Your Credit Status

Always go through your credit report to make sure all things on it make sense. If there’s a problem, look for solutions right away. Close active joint accounts even if the balance is zero. Several years later, these joint accounts could pose problems. In case there’s an outstanding balance and the account can’t be closed, look if freezing it is an option. Most lenders are quite willing to assist customers who have a divorce settlement case looming over their heads.

Create New Financial Accounts

After your divorce, it’s wise to create new bank accounts. Your ex-spouse could still have access to your current account numbers, favorite pet’s name, social security number, and all conventional security queries that financial institutions usually ask. A financially strapped or vindictive ex-spouse could try accessing those prior accounts.

Other Measures

Update your estate planning and will documents. Also, check who is the beneficiary on all your financial accounts such as bank account, insurance policies, retirement account, and pension plans. When you get married, your spouse becomes the beneficiary by default, but these accounts don’t take note of your divorce or change the beneficiary settings automatically. You’ll have to do that yourself. A divorce attorney in Rancho Cucamonga would guide you through this process.

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